Poklonskaya called to reconsider the legislation because of the situation with the farmer

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova in photovacation the Chairman of the Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation for security and corruption counteraction of Natalia Polonskaya. Archival photoPoklonskaya called to reconsider the legislation because of the situation with the farmer© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova the image Bank

The Deputy of the state Duma from «United Russia» Natalia Poklonskaya finds it necessary to revise the Russian legislation regarding illicit trafficking of special technical means after the incident with the Kurgan farmer, who is suspected of buying banned in Russia GPS tracker.

During the annual press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin was asked what he thinks about the incident in the Kurgan region, where the farmer, who wanted to attach a GPS tracker to fend off the herds of the cow, is charged with trafficking in special equipment. The President replied that he would try to sort out this issue.

According to Poklonski, people who use different gadgets in daily life, should not bear criminal liability for crimes in the sphere of illicit trafficking of special technical means (STM).

«For example, the possible use of certain technical tools by parents for their children’s safety, bloggers, pet owners, or perhaps the absurd situation with the farmer who asked for help to the Russian President at a press conference, accused with a criminal offence for the use of CTC to monitor their own cow», — the Deputy wrote on his page in Facebook.

Poklonskaya added that on December 22 on the issue will hold a meeting of expert Committee on improvement of legislation in the sphere of fight against crime and crime prevention. «We will discuss the feasibility of amending article 138.1 of the criminal code and 20.23 of the administrative code of the Russian Federation», — wrote the MP.

The article «trafficking of special technical means intended for secret information» of the criminal code prescribes punishment in the form of a penalty to 200 thousand roubles, or deprivation of liberty for a term up to four years with deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions or engage in certain activities for a term up to three years or without it.

The article «infringement of rules of manufacture, storage, sale and acquisition of special technical means intended for secret receipt of information» provides for a fine up to five thousand rubles.

According to investigators, in late January the inhabitant of the Kurgan region for the personal goals ordered in the online store with shipping from China multifunction device «Mini A8». It is designed to transmit acoustic information from the premises. This device clarifies the consequence, prohibited for free circulation in Russia, as it refers to special technical means for secret obtaining of information.

According Lebyazhievsky district court of the Kurgan region, on Thursday, the court decided to satisfy the application of the public Prosecutor about returning of criminal case to the Prosecutor for rectification of defects and check the validity of bringing men to justice.