Scientists have confirmed reports of the explosion of the «meteorite» in the sky over Sochi

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Timepiece potamanthidae in the sky, observed during the meteor shower the Perseids. Archival photoScientists have confirmed reports of the explosion of the «meteorite» in the sky over Sochi© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Timepiece the image Bank

The car, the drop seen on Friday, the residents of Sochi and the surrounding area was the size of a soccer ball and burned at an altitude of over 20 kilometers, told RIA Novosti head of the astrophysical Observatory of the Kuban hooniversity Alexander Ivanov.

On Friday afternoon in social networks there were messages that in the vicinity of Sochi, supposedly a meteorite fell. Users wrote about a powerful cotton. Some saw in the sky «with a hiss and noise flying unknown object», others reported about the outbreak and the strip. Later in the Internet appeared the video, which was allegedly captured the moment of falling of a meteorite, however there is no confirmation that the footage was filmed in Sochi. In GUMCHS and Management of Federal roads information about the fall of an extraterrestrial object in Sochi have not been reported.

As told RIA Novosti, Ivanov, from 4 to 17 December near the Earth passes meteor shower of Geminid, the maximum of which occurred in the 13-15 numbers.

«Yes, indeed, the night glow was observed, it was part of the atmosphere the standard car, the size of maybe a soccer ball, maybe a little less, a little more. It burned. In our Observatory we (the camera) recorded the piece only, the entire field of view, it was not included. There is also a description of Armavir and Sochi. On those points we can determine that the object is fired at a height of around 20 kilometers,» the Agency said Ivanov.

He added that the August and the December meteor showers «are sometimes given such phenomena, two or three of the brightest bolide entering the atmosphere of the Earth, generally up to 300 tons of meteoric matter hits the Earth in the form of dust, burning in the atmosphere and settle».

The best-known case of a meteorite on the Earth in recent years has become Chelyabinsk. In February of 2013 over the territory of the Chelyabinsk region a meteorite flying at supersonic speed and a bright flash of light. Near Chelyabinsk observed a powerful explosion and shock wave. It was later found fragments of the meteorite.

Scientists have confirmed reports of the explosion of the «meteorite» in the sky over Sochi