The German party CSU was re-elected head of

© AFP 2017 / Thomas KienzleПремьер Federal land of Bavaria, Horst Seehofer. Archival photoThe German party CSU was re-elected head of© 2017 AFP / Thomas Kienzle

Horst Seehofer remains Chairman of the Christian social Union in Germany, according to the official statement of the party.

«Congratulations Host Seehofer on his re-election as President of the CSU,» reads the entry in the Twitter party. He received 83.7 percent support of the delegates.

Earlier, Seehofer confirmed that leaves the post of Prime Minister of Bavaria in the first quarter of 2018.

Christian social Union — a permanent partner of the CDU, Angela Merkel, forms with it a single faction in the Bundestag, traditionally the strongest Union of Bavaria since the formation of Germany. However, the results of the elections to the Bundestag on 24 September, the conservatives from the CSU received a record low score of about 39 percent, losing more than one-tenth of the votes. This significant increase in support (more than eight percent) fixed right the «Alternative for Germany». The basic requirement of the CSU — limit the influx of migrants and refugees in Germany — in the end it was not included in the joint election programme of the CDU/CSU. As a result, the results of the election, the CSU was described as a failure. The head of the Bavarian Ministry of the interior, Joachim Herrmann demanded to change the political course of the party more conservative.

Seehofer said that the decision on the personnel policy will be taken by the Congress of the CSU. As party leader he took part in the failed in the end, preliminary talks on forming a coalition government «Jamaica» with the participation of the CDU, CSU, Free democratic party and «Green». After the talks, he spoke in support of the government «the big coalition» consisting of CDU/CSU and the social Democrats (SPD).