The MOE evaluated the risk of high concentration of hydrogen sulfide in Balashikha

© RIA Novosti / Igor Eucandidate in foobarcontroller of the emergency departments. Archival photoThe MOE evaluated the risk of high concentration of hydrogen sulfide in Balashikha© RIA Novosti / Igor Eucandidate the image Bank

One-time maximum permissible concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the area of solid waste landfill «Kuchino» in Balashikha was higher than normal, but it poses no threat to the public, told reporters in the EMERCOM of Russia.

«For the past day on the post «Balashikha-the River» was recorded a single exceedance of maximum allowable concentrations of hydrogen sulfide in ambient air maximum 3.4-fold, — said in the MOE. — According to Rospotrebnadzor, these concentrations do not form a Toxicological impact on the human body and pose no threat to public health».

In the MOE reported that as of 06.00 GMT 16 Dec exceedances of maximum allowable concentrations are not fixed.

Earlier, the Russian emergencies Ministry, Rospotrebnadzor and Rosprirodnadzor said that the dump «Kuchino» has become one of the causes of odour, which is fixed in the Moscow region on December 8. On the ground «Kuchino» works on degassing. The service sent the Moscow region government and administration of the city district Balashikha demands to suspend work on the drainage at the landfill in the period unfavorable for the dispersion of harmful substances weather conditions.

In the MOE reported that the interagency task force and a mobile laboratory for measurements of concentrations of harmful impurities in the air control of the environment condition around the clock.

«Daily work is carried out by more than 20 operational teams, and 12 mobile laboratories from the emergency Ministry and Rospotrebnadzor. For continuous monitoring and laboratory analysis involved fixed positions in the automated system of air pollution HPBW «mosekomonitoring» Roshydromet» — said in the MOE.

On special control are all objects that can potentially affect air pollution, incinerators, sewage treatment plants, landfills and garbage dumps.

«Prediction and modeling of the environment with air pollution, as well as the development of proposals to minimize the impact on the environment by the interdepartmental center decision support», — said in the MOE.

In accordance with the forecast of Roshydromet and Centre «Antistikhiya» of EMERCOM of Russia, December 16, projected South, South-West wind, gusts up to 12 meters per second, which will have a positive impact on the environment and dispersion of impurities in the atmospheric air.