The most important on the site. Cat «inspect» the construction of a bridge to Crimea

© Photo : account cat Bridge in InstagramКот BridgeThe most important on the site. Cat «inspect» the construction of a bridge to Crimea© Photo : account cat Bridge in Instagram

Senior guard construction across the Kerch Strait, the cat Bridge, preparing to pass the bridge in the Crimea and to visit the sights of the Peninsula, told RIA Novosti in the information center «Crimean bridge».

The bridge builders are going to end this year to fully connect the superstructure of the road part of the bridge with the Seine estuary stations. The process of sliding spans quite lengthy and is already more than a year. By the end of this year, experts plan to link up with the channel of the Taman shore. The same work is carried out from Kerch. After you walk from the Taman shore of the Kerch. The InfoCenter says that to navigate through this technological transition will only builders.

The cat will go to the Crimea

Bridge builders plan to send the cat to the Crimea, once the spans are connected. «I build the Bridge first to make it simple to visit all the sights of the Crimea», — is spoken in the pages of the cat in social networks.


Publication from the cat Bridge (@cat_the_most) Nov 26 2017 11:06 PST


The Bridge has accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Vkontakte, the total number of its subscribers reached almost 20 thousand.

Pictures for social networks makes personal photographer cat, which the builders call a «most dexterous person in construction.» At the Bridge there is even a driver that drives him to the far parts of the building.

«To explore «distant» areas, for example, the Seine estuary supports, Bridge drives up to the car his driver Mikhalych. When the Bridge weekend Mihalich takes him, and he behaves like a normal cat eats and sleeps on her favorite red sofa», – explained in Department.
Senior guard

Ginger kitten in 2015 was picked up in Taman guards first object and named it in honor of the Kerch bridge. No one knows exactly when he was born the Bridge, but the builders offered to celebrate his birthday on the Day of bridges – on November 29. Last month, the cat celebrated two years as a gift from the builders he got a bowl of shrimp.

«Of course, the Bridge celebrated its birthday with friends, they had a lot: Seagull Valera helps Bridge from the air, the dog of the Gypsies may have to bring work materials, cormorant Bartholomew – just a good friend cat, and his friends Fox Lizaveta with her children,» – said the press service.

There is a cat at the checkpoint and every day greets the workers and professionals who come on shift. Among the 7 thousand people who around the clock to build the longest bridge in Russia, there is no one who is not familiar with the Bridge.

«Today, the Bridge at the construction site. Guides all processes, although it may seem that he just walks around on sites», – informs «the Crimean bridge».


Publication from the cat Bridge (@cat_the_most) 12 December 2017 at 1:47 am PST


How to tell the builders, the day the Bridge «looking» for a night and catches mice. In social networks the cat is often asked why he goes without a helmet. «My natural agility allows you to move around the building without a hat!» – responds cat your subscribers.

Bride from Crimea

Bridge builders plan to find the cat bride of the Crimean coast. But the hosts Kuban cats do not leave hopes to marry off their Pets to the hero of the large-scale construction projects. Cat regularly receives photos of potential brides in social networks.

The press service also said that the cat often asked what he plans on doing after the end of the building.

«I haven’t decided yet, but literally every day I receive interesting suggestions. Will decide when I’m on vacation to relax after the construction of the century» – the InfoCenter statement cat.


Publication from the cat Bridge (@cat_the_most) Dec 3 2017 2:45 PST


Kerch bridge will be the longest bridge in Russia. Its length is 19 kilometers. These are two parallel roads and Railways. Work is being done simultaneously all over the facility around the clock. At the beginning of December ready supports 446 of 595, shipped more than 6 350 piles of the nearly 7 thousand. Installed nearly 125 thousand tons of steel spans of 260. The roadway slab is ready for 98%, asphalt by 35%. Car traffic on the bridge will start in December 2018.

The most important on the site. Cat «inspect» the construction of a bridge to CrimeaWhat is the bridge across the Kerch Strait