Developed by the US nuclear strategy told how mankind will perish

© AFP 2017 / Paul J. RichardsДоктор Daniel Ellsberg, a military analyst with the USA. Archival photoDeveloped by the US nuclear strategy told how mankind will perish© AFP 2017 / Paul J. Richards

American military analyst Daniel Ellsberg in his new work «the doomsday Machine: confessions of a nuclear strategist» told about the possible causes of the Third world war and its consequences. The book review publishes the San Francisco Chronicle.

A full-scale conflict can provoke a failure in the electronics, false report in the media or a hasty order, he said. For example, fake news about the terrorist attack in Washington or Moscow will be a sufficient basis for nuclear confrontation, he said.

While Ellsberg stresses that the leading military powers have far more devastating potential than necessary. According to him, a few days full-scale nuclear conflict would destroy millions of people and will lead to the destruction of humanity.

Fears of an expert is also a cause for the attitude of the American leadership to weapons of mass destruction. «We are the only country in the world that believes it won the war because of weapons of mass destruction, incendiary and atomic bombs,» writes Ellsberg and the Pentagon papers about the US. «We’re the only ones who believe that it was all justified. The attitude to guns is very dangerous,» he said.

At the end of the book Ellsberg and the Pentagon papers gives several recommendations for preventing a global conflict: the US should not wage war and the first to use nuclear weapons, they should also abolish ground-based component of the «nuclear triad». Ellsberg I am not sure that this will happen, however, you need to lobby for this initiative. «Nuclear weapons trifled with, — the expert concludes. And it concerns not only «crazy» leaders of third world countries».

American military analyst Daniel Ellsberg was born in 1931. In 1959 he began working at the research center at RAND, where he studied nuclear strategy of the United States. Ellsberg worked on a secret report about American-Vietnamese relations, known as the «Pentagon Papers». Being critical towards the actions of Americans in Vietnam, in 1971 he gave the report to the newspaper The New York Times. He faced 115 years in prison, but in the end, Ellsberg was acquitted. The expert supports the work of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

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