How to «feed» and «feed» the skin

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Skin, like any living organ, needs water and nutrients. But «food» and «drink» it is not so easy, because she resists the penetration of vitamins and water molecules from the outside.

The skin consists of three layers. Outer — epidermis. He is like a cloak securely hides the underlying layers from external influences. Cells deep in the epidermis divide and gradually move to the surface, where die and turn into a thin Horny covering. When our skin peels off, it is off the keratinized (dead) cells.

«Some substances, like hyaluronic acid, contained in many sera have the ability to absorb water from the environment. And when it is negative (no cream and dry air) will start to pull moisture from the skin. That is why it is recommended to apply first the serum, then a regular moisturizer,» says Julia Khrebtova, dermatologist, candidate of medical Sciences.

The «food» for the skin

To nourish the skin, the cosmetics often administered acid. Lightly loosen the Horny layer of the epidermis, weakening the connections between cells. Then vitamins and moisturizing components freely penetrate through the stratum corneum. In 20-30 minutes the protection of the epidermis is restored.

«The skin with essential vitamins a, C, E and group B. They are really contained in most of the manufactured creams. But these connections are very fragile and die quickly when exposed to air and light, and just when long-term storage media. Every time I open the jar and scooping a little cream, women literally «kill» the vitamins. That’s why professional tools are produced in opaque jars with dispensers that do not allow reverse air intake», explains the expert.

© Fotolia / RidoНа the air creams quickly lose activityHow to «feed» and «feed» the skin© Fotolia / RidoНа the air, the creams are quickly losing activity

The same goes for serums — sources of nutrients in high concentrations. Unlike a simple moisturizing and nourishing creams, serums used for a short time and only when necessary, otherwise the skin will perenosyatsya and answer an allergic reaction to an abundance of useful components. In the end, the epidermis may just «be lazy» and stop trying to actively take nutrients from dermis, accustomed to constant external feeding.

In any case, the creams and serums have only a temporary effect, because they affect the constantly renewing epidermis. Much more important to provide skin with the vitamins and nutrients «from inside». For this you need to eat a variety of foods, rich in vitamins, protein and fiber. Blood these nutrients into the dermis. But physical activity is great for stimulating this process.