In Dagestan during special operation eliminated the leader of the militants

© Photo : national anti-terrorist comitetului law enforcement in the village of Gubden of the Karabudakhkent district of Dagestan. Archive photoIn Dagestan during special operation eliminated the leader of the militants© Photo : national anti-terrorist Committee

Among the three neutralized in Dagestan, the criminals identified the leader of a gang of militants, reported the information center of the National antiterrorist Committee.

Aligadzhi Savour went into hiding in 2011. In his account of the murder of eight people, and the attack on the convoy of one of the units of the interior Ministry, the Ministry reported.

The counter-terrorism operation to catch the militants and their accomplices in the village of Gubden Karabudakhkent district began on December 16 and accompanied by clashes with the bandits, who had taken refuge in a private house.

The law-enforcers are identifying the two other eliminated fighters. Victims among the civilian population and losses among the militiamen there. At the scene found firearms, ammunition and grenades. The counter-terrorism operation has been canceled.