In St. Petersburg arrested three persons involved in business on preparation of act of terrorism

© RIA Novosti / FSB to Opperate in fotomontagen of the detainees on suspicion of preparing terrorist attacks in St. PetersburgIn St. Petersburg arrested three persons involved in business on preparation of act of terrorism© RIA Novosti / FSB to Opperate the image Bank

Smolninsky district court of St. Petersburg on Sunday sanctioned the arrest of three suspects with illegal arms trafficking, which, according to the investigation, connected with the defendants in the case about the impending terrorist attack in the Kazan Cathedral, reports the United press service of the city courts (OPS).

Earlier it was reported that in St. Petersburg were detained citizens of the Russian Federation Evgeny Efimov and Anton Kobets, who, according to the investigation, intended Sunday to commit a terrorist attack in the Kazan Cathedral.

Smolninsky court on Sunday arrested until 14 January, the native of Dagestan Shamil Omargalieva, a native of Ingushetia Alishan issue Khizir Esmurziev distinguished, suspected of illegal trafficking of weapons and ammunition and the citizen of Tajikistan Firuza Kalafutova, suspected of illegal trafficking in explosives and explosive devices. All custody were five people who, according to the investigation, was related to the planned attack.

«In the process the defendants explained to the court that the guilt does not recognize, arguing that the weapons they threw. Also in the case file there is information about the connection of the defendants with the persons, the measure of restraint in respect of which it was earlier elected to the Vyborg district court of St. Petersburg, namely the Efimov and Kobzon», — stated in the message.

As reported consequence of Efimov rented a metal container on the Luga street where manufactured explosive. During the preventive measure Efimov explained to the court that made the explosive to 17 December 2017 to blow the Kazan Cathedral. According to investigators, Kobets from November this year, was assisted by Efimov in the reconnaissance to select the location of the explosion and gave advice on committing a terrorist act.

The FSB has brought against Yefimov criminal case under article «illegal manufacture of explosives» and «preparation for attack». Against Kobets opened a criminal case under article «complicity in preparing a terrorist act». Business Efimova and Kobets United that both persons involved are in custody.

According to OPS, Umargaliev, Esmurziev and Calaveras was arrested on Friday by the staff of the Center «e» of the interior Ministry of Russia for Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region in Central and Kirovsky districts of the city. In the future, the investigator of the investigation service of the regional FSB has allocated the materials in separate production then transferred by jurisdiction to the Department of inquiry of the interior Ministry, puts OPS.