Mei told about the plans for the second phase of negotiations on Brexit

© 2017 AFP / Pool/ Stefan RousseauТереза may. Archival photoMei told about the plans for the second phase of negotiations on Brexit© 2017 AFP / Pool/ Stefan Rousseau

Prime Minister Theresa may said the success in the negotiations with the EU for the country’s exit from the European Union and said that the next stage will continue to seek «the best and most ambitious» deal.

«Contrary to those who want to talk to Britain, we provide the conclusion and ambitious best deals on Brexit for the whole of the UK. Today I want to say one thing: we will not retreat from this fundamental duty – the fulfillment of the democratic will of the people of the country», — is spoken in article of the Prime Minister, published in the Sunday Telegraph newspaper.

According to her, in the last ten days in the course of negotiations with the EU «reached a turning point». «After the last Friday in Brussels, we entered into certain agreements, the European Parliament and the European Council confirmed that we have made significant progress and can move to the next stage».

After the referendum in the UK, which adopted the decision on Brexit, this summer began the first stage of negotiations about the conditions of exit from the EU. Their main topics were the rights of citizens «divorcing» of the regions, the Irish border and the settlement of financial obligations of London to the EU. While these problems were not sufficient progress, the EU did not want to move to the second stage of negotiations.

However, in December the sides reached the necessary agreements on the first phase of the dialogue about Brexit and the European Commission recommended the EU summit to recognize the presence of sufficient progress, and to open the way for the second phase of the dialogue with the UK. The second phase involves the negotiations on the transition in the relations between the country and the EU after their «divorce», and on the structure of the future partnership between them.

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