Techniques that use the stores to sell

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MOSCOW, 17 Dec — RIA Novosti, Natalia Dembinski. Every day we make thousands of decisions, and, oddly enough, in this we are helped by cognitive distortions. This is an error that regularly allows the brain, and they are an integral part of the mechanism of thinking. For example, we always choose familiar and understandable to the new and unknown is a credit to the reptilian brain, which decides on the basis of habits. Cognitive deviations is studying a science — behavioral Economics, and it has long captured the marketers. To sell stale goods, to stir interest in last year’s model, to create the illusion of deficiency can easily solve for their task. What psychological tricks stores use to let the client buy more than planned, overpaid and were satisfied — in the material RIA Novosti.

Priming effect

Priming-effect (precedence effect) is how our hidden and often unconscious memories and associations affect subsequent actions. This phenomenon is largely forms both a social consumer behavior.

For example, if the evening people watching a horror movie, then while watching, or after he cautiously listening to every rustle and squeak. The smell of cleaning products reminds us that it is time to clean house, and images of palatable food leads to the idea that it would be nice to go to eat.© Depositphotos / SubbotinaГовяжий steak with vegetablesTechniques that use the stores to sell© Depositphotos / SubbotinaГовяжий steak with vegetables

This is very similar to programming, and sellers know this very well.

In the wine Department of one of the hypermarkets conducted an interesting experiment: on a well-known French songs. The result was not long in coming — the buyers began to dismantle French wine. That day they had sold 20% more than Italian, Spanish or Austrian.

In another study, it is shown how the background of the web page have an influence on those who were going to buy a car. When the background was green with animated money on it, the site visitors spent more time viewing the information on the prices of complete sets. And when the fiery red — were in a section on the car’s safety systems.

It turned out that when the background does not fit the product, man is more likely to close the page, so how to feel the discord in the Association.© Depositphotos / tertmanГрузовикTechniques that use the stores to sell© Depositphotos / tertmanГрузовик

Price is the bait

One of the most popular methods of marketing — the effect of the lure. To push the client to make a choice in favor of the product, which is more expensive, the added price is the bait. For example, if the theater is a small popcorn for 150 rubles and a large for 400 rubles, most people will choose the first option. But things will change if the sale will be medium popcorn for 350 rubles.© Depositphotos / that use the stores to sell© Depositphotos /

In this case, most people will buy the most expensive popcorn, as between medium and large, the difference is only 50 rubles. The average price seems meaningless, because of what the buyer focuses on the most expensive product: it seems the most profitable. Does its job the price is the bait.

The illusion of scarcity or urgency

Than the more limited the offer, the more people tend to get it. This pattern showed the authors of a classic study in 1975. They invited participants to choose one of the two cans of biscuits: one was 10 Grand and the other just two. Unexpectedly for the researchers the majority of the subjects chose the one where the cookie is almost gone.

Knowing this, the airlines assure us that he was «only a few tickets at this price», and developers — that apartments in a huge empty building has come to an end.Advertising LCD onlineTechniques that use the stores to sellLCD Advertisement on the Internet

The hotel reservation warn of high demand and that number «will soon be over», because the page is now «browsing 10 people».Booking of accommodation on the website Booking.comTechniques that use the stores to sellBooking of accommodation on the website

Coupon services assure us that before the promotion end left nothing at all, and display on the page a counter that inexorably counting down. That’s a concern from the buyer and gives him the signal: such discounts will be gone, no time to think, you need to take right now. In reality, all these counters are just a trick.Coupon code for knit clothing onlineTechniques that use the stores to sellDiscount on knitted clothing in the Internet

Method «foot in the door»

This is one of the most common and effective techniques that marketers use. It is based on a psychological aversion to losses: a person is not willing to part with what it already has. Even if the thing obtained for free, and for further use are asked to pay, people usually choose the second option.

In sales method «foot in the door» applies so: the client is offered a free trial of the product or subscription service, such as 30 days. The consumer still pays nothing, but is already on the hook: the one who tried the free version of a product to sell «enhanced» toll will be much easier.Free trialTechniques that use the stores to sellFree trial

«You — I, I — you» — is the psychology of reciprocity, which is responding to consumer behavior. According to psychologist Robert Cialdini in his book «Influence: the psychology of persuasion», if someone made you something nice, you most likely want to respond in the same way.

The visitor who comes to the cafe to eat lunch, the waiter brings the bill, and with it the mint gum or candy. Client pleased: the institution took care of him, offering to freshen up after lunch. But concern for the consumer — is not the main objective pursued by the owners of the catering.

After the experiment, Cialdini found that when together with the restaurant bill to a customer brought one mint gum he had left on 3,3% more tips than usual, and when the two amount has increased by 20%!© Fotolia / SENTELLOРукиTechniques that use the stores to sell© Fotolia / SENTELLOРуки
Price anchor

To understand the high price or low, the buyer needs to compare it with the other. And shops kindly give him this opportunity. To buy seemed best, and the price is low, at various sales can always see the price tags with the «old» and «new» price.

As a rule, the «old» price is not covered, and strikethrough: the buyer needs to see that he has a chance to «save». The «old» price, which can be taken of the ceiling, plays the role of an anchor: «new», its background will definitely seem great.© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotoreceptoriTechniques that use the stores to sell© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotoreceptori
Social confirmation

This concept is widely known, it is called «herd instinct» or «the effect of the dance floor»: no one will dare be the first to leave the dance floor but when the dance start the first few people, the rest join in. It’s simple: the person is ready to do something just because it is already done by others. Social proof is stronger if it is a fairly large group of people, and if they are the ones who people trust, a willingness to follow their example even higher.© Depositphotos / миһа04Стадо sheepTechniques that use the stores to sell© Depositphotos / миһа04Стадо sheep

One of the most simple and illustrative examples of social confirmation, social networks buttons, located under publications on the websites and blogs. The more shares, the more likely that news will share and the next reader, and another. Finally, doubts will be dispelled if it is «already liked your friend.»

It is the same story with the number of subscribers on the pages of various companies: presence in social networks for them — one of the key tools of promotion. Adding to their ranks, few think about the fact that brands often buy user-ghosts and fake accounts. But the numbers stubbornly show that thousands of people love this product, and therefore she will like you.