The head of the Arab Bank billionaire Sabiha al-Masri has denied reports about the arrest

© Flickr / jo.schzЗдание Arab Bank. Archival photoThe head of the Arab Bank billionaire Sabiha al-Masri has denied reports about the arrest© Flickr / jo.schz

The head of the Board of Directors of one of the largest banks in the middle East Arab Bank billionaire Sabiha al-Masri on Sunday refuted reports that he was detained by Saudi authorities.

On Friday, Arabic-language publication Al-Araby Al-Jadeed wrote, citing informed sources, that a big businessman and investor al-Masri was arrested during a working visit to Riyadh on suspicion of corruption. The newspaper noted that having dual citizenship of Palestine and the Saudi billionaire who headed the Bank in 2012 was probably detained by order of the Committee for combating corruption, chaired by the Saudi crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. According to the newspaper, Saudi Arabia al-Masri is a major investment.

«I was not arrested and there was no interrogation, I asked the only attendant question, I am in his house with his family,» said al-Masri in an interview with CNN Arabic.

In November, the Supreme Committee for the fight against corruption in Saudi Arabia, headed by the crown Prince ordered the arrest of about 40 influential persons, including members of the Royal family, former Ministers, military and entrepreneurs.

As stated by the government of the Kingdom, the first results of the investigation under the anti-corruption campaign showed the misappropriation of over 100 billion dollars in corruption.