The Yemeni authorities called on the humanitarian organizations to work in Aden

© AFP 2017 / Mohammed HuwaisБоевик have a burnt armored vehicle near the residence of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh in SanaaThe Yemeni authorities called on the humanitarian organizations to work in Aden© AFP 2017 / Mohammed Huwais

The Yemeni authorities called on international humanitarian organizations to move to the temporary capital city of Aden in the South of the country against the decision of organizations to evacuate staff from the Houthis captured the capital Sanaa, said channel «al Arabiya».

On the eve of the channel reported that the Saudi-led Arab coalition announced the withdrawal of humanitarian organizations their employees because of the obstacles to their work on the part of the rebels-Houthis. The names of the organizations was not specified.

According to the channel, after the decision of humanitarian organizations, the Minister of local government and the Chairman of the humanitarian Committee of the Yemen Abderrahim Fatah called on the organization to go to Aden and from there to lead the humanitarian convoys in the rest of the province. Foreign Minister Abdel-Malik al-Makhlafi promised that the government would provide safe corridors for the operation of the services. Both Ministers said the violations by the Houthis against humanitarian organizations.

In Yemen in 2014, the ongoing armed conflict in which one side involved Houthi rebels from the Shiite movement «Ansar Allah», and on the other, government forces and militia loyal to President Abd rabbu Mansour Hadi. Power from the air and on the ground, supported by the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia, and the Houthis until recently helped the military loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh. In late November between the Houthis and Saleh, a conflict broke out which led to the rupture between them and the death of Saleh on 4 December in a shootout with the Houthis.

In early December zamgenseka UN for humanitarian Affairs mark Lowcock said that in 2018, 91 million people in Yemen will need humanitarian assistance for the provision of which the organization will need a record $ 22.5 billion dollars.

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