«A positive example»: the CIA helped to prevent a terrorist attack in St. Petersburg

© AFP 2017 / Saul LoebЗдание CIA in Virginia. Archival photo«A positive example»: the CIA helped to prevent a terrorist attack in St. Petersburg© 2017 AFP / Saul Loeb

The Central intelligence Agency (CIA) did not comment on the details prevented in Russia with the help of us intelligence of a terrorist act.

«Please refer to the statement of the White house,» — said the representative of the official representative of the CIA Nicole de Hey in response to the request to provide details of information transmission of Russia and assess the current level of cooperation between the two countries in the fight against terrorism.
Joint prevention

Previously, the Federal security service (FSB) prevented in Saint-Petersburg the attack was planned by supporters of the «Islamic state»* on 16 December «in one of the cult institutions.» Later it became known that the target of the attack was to be the Kazan Cathedral. In addition, on this day, the militants wanted to detonate homemade bombs in places of a mass congestion of people.

In a special operation of Russian security forces detained seven members of the cell who have seized a significant quantity of explosives, the components of improvised explosive devices, automatic weapons, and ammunition.
As told in the FSB, the cell was headed by the leaders of the IG* from abroad via Telegram.

On Sunday at the initiative of the Russian side a telephone conversation took place between the presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump. The Russian leader in the course of conversation expressed his gratitude to the American colleague provided the CIA with information that helped to track, detect and detain terrorists were preparing explosions in the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg.

Putin also noted that the Russian side will promptly notify American colleagues in case of receiving information about preparation of a terrorist act on U.S. soil.

Trump, in turn, said that the US is happy to help Russia in preventing terrorist attacks, and also thanked the Russian leader for the call.

«Not a single Russian was killed, and the attackers terrorists were arrested and are now in custody. President trump was grateful for the call and said to President Putin that the entire intelligence community of the United States was happy to help save so many lives», — stated in the message of the White house.

In addition, the parties noted the importance of cooperation on intelligence to defeat the terrorists, wherever they are. The two leaders also agreed that the prevention of a terrorist attack in St. Petersburg, a joint effort is «a positive example of things that can happen when two countries work together.»

The White house also reported that trump called the Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo and congratulated him, and also employees of special services of Russia for the rendered help.

A positive example

Russian Ambassador to the USA Anatoly Antonov praised the U.S. assistance in preventing a terrorist attack in St. Petersburg.

«It is obvious that this is a positive example of what can be achieved our country working together,» said the diplomat.

He also urged the US and Russia to continue cooperation in the future.

«They define a joint programme of action for the strengthening of international security. All this is in the interests of the Russian and American peoples,» the Ambassador said.

According to the Senator, FSB General Vladimir dzhabarov, CIA aid in the prevention of a terrorist attack in St. Petersburg can expect a resumption of the previously suspended information exchange between Russian and American intelligence services. This, as noted by Jabbarov, in turn, can significantly affect the efficiency of the fight against terrorism.

The Senator also noted that it is impossible to say that the exchange of information between the intelligence agencies of the two States will lead to a General warming of relations between Moscow and Washington, but progress in this area, he said, can be a stepping stone for the future.

Member of the Council on foreign and defense policy major-General of the FSS reserve Alexander Mikhailov also appreciated the help of American intelligence agencies to prevent terrorist acts in St. Petersburg. In his opinion, this example shows the responsible attitude of the US toward the need for real joint efforts with Russia to combat terrorism.

«We have a two-way agreement between the intelligence services, and we in different forms cooperate. The information that we have, we always pass. But the question is activity of such cooperation», — said Mikhailov.

He also added that the American side did what had to be done.

«The attitude towards terrorism should be the same. Reception and transmission of such information is the basis for the implementation of measures to prevent severe consequences for people,» — said Mikhailov.

The General-the major of FSB of a stock is also assumed that the cell that was preparing a terrorist attack in St. Petersburg «has come to the attention of U.S. intelligence,» then CIA gave relevant information to the Russian side.

* The terrorist organization «Islamic state» (IG) is prohibited in Russia