ESA showed a unique picture of Mars «in full growth»

CC BY 3.0 / ESA/DLR/FU / North southСнимок to the surface of Mars using the probe Mars Express,ESA showed a unique picture of Mars «in full growth»CC BY 3.0 / ESA/DLR/FU / North to south

The European space Agency (ESA) has published a unique picture of Mars, on which planet is shown «in full growth».

#Mars upside down: a rare wide-angle view of the Red Planet, with the north pole at top, bottom and equator, as seen by our Mars Express spacecraft:

— ESA Science (@esascience) 14 Dec 2017

The photo was taken using the probe Mars Express flew over Mars from North to South.

Scientists emphasize that due to the image they first gained wide-angle picture of the planet. The plot with ice cover located at the bottom, and the red landscape of the equator — from the top.

In addition, the frame sealed the rifts, canyons and volcanoes of Mars, including the vast Alba Mons.