Festivals in Lipetsk region has entered the top 200 best events in Russia

© Photo : Photo provided by administration of Lipetsk oblastyah of administration of the Lipetsk region Oleg KorolevFestivals in Lipetsk region has entered the top 200 best events in Russia© Photo : Photo provided by administration of Lipetsk region

. Six festivals in Lipetsk region, including «Rusborg» dedicated to the historical reconstruction of the life and battles of IX-XI centuries, and got the status «National event 2018» and entered the TOP 200 best events in Russia, the press service of the regional administration.

The status of «National event 2018» also received the festival «Hudojnike» (Elec), «the settlement Lipetsk» (Lipetsk), interregional festival of traditional Cossack culture «Cossack Outpost» (village of the Cossacks, Yelets district), «ranenburgskiy feast» and «Festival of colors» (Chaplygin), said the press service.

«This year, for the status of «National event of the year» received 1.6 thousand applications from 74 Russian regions, the competition consisted of eight projects in place. Recognized as the best event of the event will receive active information support in the framework of the national calendar of events. Announcements of these events are not only published on the official portal EventsInRussia.com and social networks, but also distributed at tourist information centers, travel agencies, hotels and national tourism offices Visit Russia abroad», — said the press service.

It notes that the regional government pays special attention to the development of tourism as one of the promising industries of the region, this actively creates the necessary infrastructure, the authorities provide the necessary support to entrepreneurs working in this field.

«By developing tourism, we are also engaged in the revival and preservation of monuments of nature and architecture, learn to better understand the history of the Lipetsk region and the biography living on its territory outstanding people, make the region cleaner and more favorable for every human life,» commented RIA Novosti the head of administration of Lipetsk region Oleg Korolev.