In Atlanta said the timing of restoration of power supply the airport

© REUTERSАэропорт Atlanta during a power outage. 18.12.17In Atlanta said the timing of restoration of power supply the airport© REUTERS

Energy Georgia Power announced that they expect to restore the energy supply of the world’s largest airport in Atlanta by midnight (08.00 GMT).

Earlier it was reported that the world’s busiest airport Atlanta is partially de-energized and stopped accepting flights. Firefighters later reported that the airport canceled all flights and passengers were evacuated.

«Repair in process, and we expect to restore the power supply to the airport by midnight,» reports Georgia Power.

According to the company, presumably in underground electric systems Georgia Power there was a major fire that has affected also service the Atlanta airport substation — as a result, the system automatically isolated areas where the equipment worked properly to minimize damage. Firefighters managed to quickly extinguish the fire, and then energy began to repair, no injuries, the report said.

Atlanta international airport in Georgia is the busiest in the world, at the end of 2016, the traffic flow here was 104 million.