In Omsk are investigating the case of a sect, lectures which could affect the psyche

© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikovskoye police. Archival photoIn Omsk are investigating the case of a sect, lectures which could affect the psyche© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikov

Insurance investigators in Omsk are investigating a criminal case of creating a nonprofit organization, whose staff conducted paid seminars and lectures pseudo-religious content that might lead to violations of the psyche of the audience, said Monday the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the region.

«According to investigators, in Omsk in 2014 operated religious Association «Renaissance XXI century Omsk», which employees in the premises of the Omsk regional Union of trade unions and elsewhere have conducted training seminars and lectures of the religious content, using psychotherapeutic techniques and psychological impact on the audience», — stated in the message.

In SUS’k said that the case of the creation of religious or public Association whose activity involves violence against citizens or other infliction of harm to their health, was launched a few months ago.

«Basically, the seminars were attended by citizens with any personal problems, undeveloped social life, with low income, who for the participation in seminars at the request of the organizers brought a tangible reward in the form of minor amounts of money. During the investigation, the result of psychological research nine of the approximately 50 participants of these educational lectures were violations in the psyche», — stated in the message.

Now in the case are carried out it is judicial-medical examination for establishment of a causal relationship between attending seminars and mental disorders. «Establish whether a visit to the so-called workshops which the students with mental problems», — said the representative of the UK. Set all the circumstances. Defendants in the case yet.