In Petersburg have not been able to arrest the suspect in the murder of an employee of the Mariinsky theatre

© RIA Novosti / Krivobok to Russenparty in fotobank court. Archival photoIn Petersburg have not been able to arrest the suspect in the murder of an employee of the Mariinsky theatre© RIA Novosti / Krivobok to Russenparty the image Bank

Oktyabrsky district court of St. Petersburg late on Sunday evening passed a resolution on the return without consideration of the petition for arrest of Galina Huseynova, a suspect in the murder of the oldest employee of the Mariinsky theatre, which worked in it since the siege of Leningrad, reports of the United press service of vessels in Saint-Petersburg.

The body of a strangled 93-the summer inhabitant of blockade Leningrad Nina ké-macina was discovered on 21 November in the apartment of one of houses on the Warsaw street. Suspects in the murder of citizens of Armenia Razmik Hakobyan and Senik, Narayan last Thursday was remanded in custody till February 12.

On Thursday the court also received a request for the arrest of the employee of the charitable organization «Eva» Galina Huseynova who worked for murdered nurse. Huseynov is also a murder suspect. The court on Thursday extended the detention Huseynova for 72 hours, to provide opportunities to gather information about the state of her health.

«At the hearing of the suspect was summoned emergency medical assistance in connection with the loss of her consciousness. Ambulance Huseynov was examined and taken to medical hospital. In accordance with the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation No. 41 of 19.12.2013, the court returned the motion,» — said in the message.

In the message it is noted that after the elimination of obstacles to the participation of the suspect at the hearing the investigator shall have the right to go to court again with a similar request.

According to investigators, Huseynov, who cared for an elderly woman for a few months, decided to kill her out of greed, which drew two of their friends. On 20 November she was admitted to the apartment of his partner, who strangled the victim while the accomplice followed the situation. After searching the apartment, the suspects took a Bank card but are unable to withdraw money, because they do not know the PIN code.