In the REC spoke about the competitiveness of Russian cartoons

© Animation Studio «Animecon»scene from the cartoon Masha and the Bear. Archival photoIn the REC spoke about the competitiveness of Russian cartoons© Animation Studio «Animecon»

The subjects of the Russian cartoons can compete in foreign markets with Pixar and Sony, says Director of international trade promotion of the group of companies of the Russian export centre (REC) Mikhail Mamonov.

REC 24 November signed an agreement with the «Soyuzmultfilm» on cooperation in the field of international licensing and promotion abroad entertainment products.

According to Mamonov, the export of creative industries in Russia is underutilized niche, although this is an important breakthrough direction. «First, Russian cartoons is a good Soviet school, and in this sense the demand for them is. In addition, Russia is still alive school hand drawn cartoons. We have other heroes,» he explained in an interview with RIA Novosti.

«Secondly, in 2015 we have seen a dramatic jump in sales abroad. This is due to the fall in the value of the national currency. We have kept good quality products, but are cheaper. We have good stories that can compete with Sony, Pixar,» — said Mamonov.

He noted that in Asia sell well, first of all, cartoons, movies and TV shows — in the Euro-Atlantic area. «We should be able to sell our content on global sites like Netflix and Amazon. We need to understand what to do to adapt it. Emphasize that there are millions of our countrymen. You can work with them, you do not even need anything to adapt», says Mamonov.

«LeEco is now experiencing not the best times. We tried to enter a dialogue with Amazon, but it is quite complex in the plan area. We will study the positive experience of Netflix and will try to get there. If you have good content, it’s not as hard as it looks,» he said.

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