Profile largest sanatorium of the Ryazan region will be saved

© Photo :×50/Михайлов, Ryazan oblast. Archive photoProfile largest sanatorium of the Ryazan region will be saved© Photo :×50/

The government of the Ryazan region intend to maintain the profile of the largest in the region sanatorium «Sosnovy Bor», which has already been transferred in the regional property, has informed on Monday to journalists by the Governor Nikolai Lyubimov.

In early April of this year it became known about the closure of the largest sanatorium in the Ryazan region – «Pine» — due debts to employees and utility companies. The question of further destiny of sanatorium touched on last 18 December a press-conferences the Governor of the Ryazan region, Nikolai Lyubimov. The head of the region noted that the regional government is actively engaged in solving the question of preservation of health institutions.

«Today we can say that the problem is practically solved. Last week the owners of «Pine» donated a sanatorium in the property of the Ryazan region. So in the near future we will begin to extinguish all debts under the salary and, in consultation with the public, we think about how we can further develop the institution,» – said the Governor.

According to the head of the region, now that the sanatorium is located in the regional property, you can take further steps for its restoration and revival.

«It is important that we stop the process of Stripping the land and property. It was very difficult, in the work really helped law enforcement. For its part the government of the region, which no one can use the property complex of the enterprises in their own interests. We need to save the profile of «Pine» as a sanatorium,» — said Lyubimov.

Sanatorium «Pine forest» was built in 1984 in the village of Solotcha area of about 9 hectares. Is the largest medical institution in the region has 250 rooms with a capacity of 500 seats. Has a certification for 33 types of medical activities to the highest category.

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