REC wants to create innovation hub for Russian companies in Vietnam

© 2017 AFP / Hoang Dinh NamМотоциклисты on the streets of Hanoi, Vietnam. Archival photoREC wants to create innovation hub for Russian companies in Vietnam© 2017 AFP / Hoang Dinh Nam

Russian export center (REC) plans to create an innovation hub for Russian companies in Vietnam, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Director of international trade promotion of the group of companies REC Mikhail Mamonov.

Earlier in December, the REC and the SKOLKOVO Foundation have agreed to establish the innovation hub of Russian companies in the UAE. «I believe the UAE and Vietnam. In addition, we can further use these hubs for the export of educational services. That is why they can be created on the basis of the leading technological universities», — said Mamonov.

«This year we began a serious dialogue with companies on the possibility of creating hubs – that is, a permanent presence in foreign countries. We invite companies to work together with us, this arrangement from a financial point of view will be somewhat similar to the showroom, but instead of products will be sold to companies and ideas,» said Mamonov.

According to him, the REC should help companies to communicate with those with whom they want. «In the Middle East and Asia partners, it is important that the conversation was on behalf of the state, we will be conducting such a dialogue. In such markets must be present constantly,» he said.

«Professionally, to talk in detail about their products should own the company and we can open the gate and create the necessary platform for such communication. We think that such work can in the first year to pay off fivefold», — said the Agency interlocutor.

«We will focus on the company — as soon as we understand that there really is interest, we will endeavour to over the next year, hub was created or fully projected,» said he, answering the question of when can be created this hub in Vietnam.

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