Rudana: the upper Volga to strengthen control over the use of agricultural land

© RIA Novosti / Michael Clientlibrary potamanthidae in the Tver region Igor Rudenya during a meeting with Vladimir Putin. 4 July 2017Rudana: the upper Volga to strengthen control over the use of agricultural land© RIA Novosti / Michael Clientgenerated the image Bank

. Authorities in Tver region will strengthen control over agricultural lands, including how investors use them and whether these activities with the agro-industrial complex, reported in a press-the conference devoted to results of work of the regional government in 2017, the Governor of the region Igor Rudenya.

«From 1 January 2018, will begin active work in conjunction with the Rosselkhoznadzor and municipalities on control of use of agricultural land. We believe that we offer investors to engage in agricultural activities on such sites, or to draw on these lands farmers either return them to state ownership,» said Rodina.

Tver region, located between the two largest markets — Moscow and St. Petersburg is actively developing the capacity of existing agricultural enterprises and promotes the creation of new industries.

Now in the agro-industrial complex of the region is implemented 16 investment projects with a total investment of over 25 billion rubles. Among them — the construction of large pig-breeding complex and a number of dairy farms. The regional government continues to increase the subsidiary support of dairy farming and flax cultivation.

According to the Governor of the region in the current year on the development of agriculture of region has allocated about 2.4 billion rubles more than 1 billion rubles higher than in 2016.