Russian agricultural companies will present their projects in Saudi Arabia

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The Russian company agro-industrial complex will present their projects and products in the framework of the business mission to Saudi Arabia on Monday.

At the plenary meeting of business representatives of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation, the Russian export centre and the Russian direct investment Fund will discuss the issues of food security of the Kingdom, as well as the challenges and opportunities of Russia in this market, will affect the development of the regional agricultural logistics hub in Saudi Arabia, increasing the supply of Halal products.

In addition, in the framework of the business mission will take place presentation of investment potential of Russian regions will be held B2B meetings with key importers of food.

In the composition of the business mission will be attended by almost two dozen Russian companies, including «White bird», «Trade house «RIF», «United confectioners», «Zarichne», «Baltika» and «Vologda Ivan-tea.»

Saudi Arabia is not included in the list of the largest trading partners of Russia, however, is a key player in the region. In the Kingdom of Russian exports of barley, sunflower oil, dried chickpeas and peas.

According to the Federal center for evaluation of safety and quality of grain, Saudi Arabia ranked fourth in the top recipients of Russian grain. As of 16 October, export shipments of grain and products of its processing in the Kingdom in the 2017/2018 marketing year amounted to 854 thousand tonnes, which is 22% higher than the same period last year. The proportion of barley imports over the period was 99.7 per cent (851 thousand tons).

In early November, Saudi Arabia opened up the market to supply Russian beef, meat of small cattle, poultry meat and their byproducts. In the framework of the intergovernmental Commission, the meeting of which was held on 2 November in Riyadh, the two countries agreed on the direction to Russia technical group of the Kingdom to explore the possibility of import of live animals to Saudi Arabia.

Besides, the Rosselkhoznadzor and the Agency for food products and veterinary preparations in Saudi Arabia (SFDA), signed the veterinary-sanitary certificates for Russian products of animal origin (bovine, Caprine, Ovine, poultry meat and offal, and edible egg), sanitary and technical requirements for these products to import to Saudi Arabia.

According to the head of the Association of business partners with Saudi Arabia (ROSA) Andrey Tarasov, the lack of fresh water, arable land and arid climate have prompted the leadership of the Kingdom to abandon the cultivation of moisture-loving crops in the country and to resort to the use of agricultural land in foreign countries with favourable agricultural conditions.

According to the announced Programme for food security, Riyadh is ready to invest in the development of agricultural firms in foreign countries through joint ventures, leases or purchases of farmland. «Russia has one of the largest in the world of arable land, which also can be greatly expanded, as well as agricultural companies, ready to cooperate with Saudi farmers,» says Tarasov.

In 2003, the Saudi government abolished the production of feed barley on its own territory, and in the coming years plans to radically cut production and other crops grown for animal feed. Russia has in this region a great experience, the technology of production of feed and access to an extensive resource base, the expert believes.