Scientists have found a new reason for the development of a heart attack

© Depositphotos / gpointstudioВрачи during surgery. Archival photo.Scientists have found a new reason for the development of a heart attack© Depositphotos / gpointstudio

In children and adolescents who are exposed to or witness violence are at higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease in the future, writes portal Eurekalert, citing data from the American heart Association.

Analyzing materials of numerous scientific studies, scientists revealed a correlation between past mental trauma in childhood and the risk of developing many serious diseases. To shocks that can adversely affect heart health, researchers took an emotional, physical or sexual abuse, bullying from peers, parents abuse alcohol or drugs, family breakdown and other problems.

Subsequently such people there is an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, coronary heart disease, hypertension, obesity and type II diabetes.

Still not installed, what is the mechanism of the effects of these phenomena on the development of diseases, however, current research suggests that the role of behavioral, psychological and biological stress responses. For example, the reason for the increased risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes can be Smoking and the habit of overeating, which occurs in a specified group of people.