«Star wars: the Last Jedi» was headed by Russian hire on the weekend

© 2017 AFP / Daniel Leal-OlivasАктеры Daisy Ridley and mark Hamill at the premiere of Star wars: the Last Jedi. Archival photo«Star wars: the Last Jedi» was headed by Russian hire on the weekend© 2017 AFP / Daniel Leal-Olivas

The eighth part of one of the world’s most famous franchises «Star wars: the Last Jedi» directed by Rian Johnson headed the Russian hire this weekend, gathering for the first weekend 504,9 million rubles, said on Monday portal kinobusiness.com.

The Power balance is again broken heroes already familiar to the audience for the movie «Star wars: the Force awakens», will have a dangerous battle with a powerful First Order. The film starred Daisy Ridley, Oscar Isaac and Adam Driver, as well as Donald Gleason, Carrie Fisher, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Benicio Del Toro.

The leader of last week, the Russian historical action of Janik Fayzieva and Ivan Shurovenkov «the Legend of Kolowrat» took second place with fees of 50.9 million rubles, the total fees for three weeks was 575,7 million rubles.

In third place — an animated film, Whether Unkrich «the Mystery of Coco», which gathered over the weekend 40.5 million rubles (the total fees for four weeks 524,3 million).

American horror Christopher Landon «Happy day of the dead» took fourth place, with box office receipts of the picture — 37,7 million (total fees for two weeks — 159,2 million).

The top five leaders of the new hire, the Russian Kirill Papakul Comedy «new year rush» about the family of General Morozov, a role which was performed by Vladimir Menshov, Konstantin Kryukov, Inga obadina, Jan Tsapnik, Anastasia Makeeva. The film grossed 35.2 million rubles.«Star wars: the Last Jedi» was headed by Russian hire on the weekend© Infographical you are the hero of Star wars?