The Bishop of London, became the first woman

© Fotolia / JozsitoeroeЗажженные candles. Archival photoThe Bishop of London, became the first woman© Fotolia / Jozsitoeroe

London bishops for the first time headed woman – a former nurse Sarah Mullaly.

«The Queen has approved the appointment of her Excellency Sarah Elizabeth Mullaly for the post of Bishop of London in place of his grace the right honourable Richard John Chartres», — stated in the message of the Prime Minister’s office.

Bishop of London – which is the third priest in the hierarchy of the Church of England after the archbishops of Canterbury and York.

Before his ordination in 2006 Mullaly held in the Ministry of health of the country post of the head of Department on work with the nursing staff. In total she worked in the National health service (NHS) for over 35 years. For merits in the field of obstetrics and nursing work it was in 2005, produced in lady commander order of the British Empire.

The mother of two children, Mullaly and after his ordination he retained interest in the medical business, occupying independent positions in the trusts of the National health system and entering the Board of Trustees of the University of King’s College London. Mullaly will also take place in the house of lords of the British Parliament.

Hobby new Bishop of London – pottery.

Women began to be ordained to the priesthood in 1994, but the law on women bishops the Church of England has formally taken on 17 November 2014. The first female Bishop in the Church of England was Oxford graduate, Libby lane. Mullaly became the third woman to head the episcopate.