The civil wife of Colonel Zakharchenko told about the next search

© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikova in photobacteria Zakharchenko in the Basmanny court of Moscow. Hivnae photoThe civil wife of Colonel Zakharchenko told about the next search© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikovite the image Bank

Insurance investigators conducted another search in the apartment of «Imperial houses» the minor daughter of the Colonel of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Dmitry Zakharchenko, they seized cash, watches and medical instruments. As told RIA Novosti civilian spouse Zakharchenko Marina Semynina, the search took place last week.

«I came (in the residential complex «Imperial house» Park «Muzeon» — ed.), after 10 minutes began to break down the door to the apartment. Nine men, three of them with guns, masks. Brutally obreli the whole apartment, car, inspect my personal belongings daughter watched, her school bag even,» — said Semynina.

The woman said that the search was conducted under the guidance of the investigator of the Investigation Department of the city of Novokuznetsk of the RF IC in the Kemerovo region, which withdrew from it 2 thousands of euros, a watch worth about 500 thousand rubles, and all medical records of his daughter.

«So, every two months can come and Rob me. Dmitry (Zakharchenko) for a year sitting. What, I can’t be your money?» — angry woman.

According to Semynina, the case allegedly due to re-obtain a passport for himself and his daughter and the departure abroad this fall.

Investigators, she said, believe that an employee of the Federal migration service in violation of the rules, and without coordination with the FSB received the form and issued the passport on the basis of information about the disease daughter Zakharchenko leukemia and needed treatment abroad. The consequence considers, that the reference is bogus.

«I this help do, my daughter this disease has not. I formally used the services of a commercial company, officially paid them money, passport I made in three days,» said Semikina, adding that the employee of the FMS for this reason interrogated in the RF IC for about five hours.

Semennoi lawyer Stanislav Maltsev explained to RIA Novosti that the permission for another search in the apartment of the daughter of the Colonel was issued by the Basmanny court of Moscow in September. «Then, the court sanctioned several searches in the framework of the case of Dmitry Zakharchenko, but were they not all at once,» said the defender, explaining that the search was conducted by an investigator from Novokuznetsk, because he also «is a group in the case of Zakharchenko».

Earlier, the RIA Novosti source said that investigators in mid-October conducted several searches at relatives Zakharchenko, the results of which was the arrest of the 58 million rubles, was found in the accounts of a friend Semynina, which was at the time a search in one of search apartments.

Marina Semynina were told RIA Novosti that in mid-October she was searched, during which the investigator Alexander Thick she seized «the phone, all jewelry, even earrings daughter gift from grandma» and 500 thousand roubles. According to her, during the search a year ago, «all these decorations were listed in the record indicating the cost, but then they are not seized».

«In the first search they took the server with home video cameras (the cameras record what is happening in the apartment 24 hours and stored on your home server for about four months from the date of entry),» — said Semynina, noting she still has not returned the seized records.

Marina Semynina intends to complain to the procuracy and the FSB on the actions of operatives and investigators who, in her words, violates the rights, including to privacy.