FCS has proposed to issue tax free in electronic form

© 2017 AFP / Roslan RahmanСистема Tax Free. Archival photoFCS has proposed to issue tax free in electronic form© 2017 AFP / Roslan Rahman

The Federal customs service (FCS) of the Russian Federation proposed the Finance Ministry to transfer the registration of tax free in electronic form, told reporters the first Deputy head of FCS Ruslan Davydov in the press center MIA «Russia today».

In November the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the law on introduction in Russia systems of tax free, which will allow citizens of foreign countries that are not members of the Eurasian economic Union (EEU), to offset the amount of VAT paid when purchasing goods in Russia, when they are exported outside the customs territory of the EAEU.

For such compensation to a foreigner must be purchased within one day goods in the amount of not less than 10 thousand rubles including tax and to issue a document (a check) on them.

«We offer everything in the electronic form translate to the level of actual control that the goods together with an individual has left the country. For what would she (the function of — ed.) is somehow supplied to the system,» said Davydov.

«While technical specifications no. The proposal made to the Ministry of Finance. And this is where our interaction must be with the operator and with the companies in the pilot project will be, and, of course, with the tax authorities», — he added.

According to Davydov, the paperwork for tax — free low-tech and takes time.