«Federal passenger company» has told about rates in 2018

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krauledat in fotomontaggi. Archival photo«Federal passenger company» has told about rates in 2018© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krajevima the image Bank

«Federal passenger company» (FPC, «daughter» RZD) in 2018 will not index basic rates in compartment carriages and a Suite of long-distance trains, told RIA Novosti in the company.

Transportation of passengers in trains of long-distance carries on FPC. The fare for her in an adjustable segment (reserved seat and General cars) determines the FAS. Falling revenues from FPC of state regulation of tariffs kompensiruet subsidies from the state budget. Rates in the unregulated segment (SV, coupe and luxury) sets the FPC.

«The main purpose «of the Federal passenger company» is to ensure the availability of transportation. So, in 2018, the FPC will not raise the base rate of fares in nereguliruemoy segment — cars type coupe, LT and Suite. In contrast to the second-class carriages and wagons of the normal type, the tariffs for which are regulated by the state fare in this segment is determined by the carrier independently», — reported in the FPC on Tuesday.

The interlocutor of the Agency reminded that the trains of the FPC has a system of dynamic pricing in the cost of travel that is used when assigning prices for travel in compartment cars, SV and Suite. She says the company gives the opportunity for those passengers who previously would only travel in the reserved seat, to choose for themselves a more comfortable travel with minimal difference in price.

«For example, in the first days of ticket sales the price of the top shelf of the compartment car is often equal to the price of travel in second-class carriages. For affordable fare in 2018, «Federal passenger company» plans to implement various marketing campaigns in all segments of transport», — reported in the FPC.

Previous years

FPC 1 January 2017 indexed base fares in a compartment, SV and Suite by 5% only in trains that are not included in the dynamic pricing system. Under the control of the system was about 75% of the FPC, in 2017 this figure is planned to increase to 95%.

From January 2016 the tariffs for the carriage of a compartment, SV and Suite were indexed by 5% compared to 2015.

Reserved seat is not indexed

The tariff for journey in reserved seat and General cars in 2018 will not be indexed. This decision was taken in November of the current year at the government level after a heated discussion between FAS departments and FPC.

FAS proposed in 2018 to reduce by 10% the tariffs in the reserved seat and General cars. However, the Ministry of transport and the MAYOR opposed. FPC had expected indexation rate of 3.9%.

Railways for some time even suspended the sale of tickets in reserved seat and General cars in 2018. However, in the end, the government approved the «zero» tariff indexation.