From Mars to the moon: writer Andy Weir spoke about the new novel Artemis

© Photo : Roscosmos/Sergey Resuscitology the moon made of Roscosmos cosmonaut Sergei Ryazanskiy from the ISS. Archive photoFrom Mars to the moon: writer Andy Weir spoke about the new novel Artemis© Photo : Roscosmos/Sergei Ryazan

The Creator of the successful sci-Fi Robinson Crusoe «the Martian» by Andy Weir put the characters of his new novel «Artemis» on the moon. Before the release of his book in the Russian language, the author told RIA Novosti, why his characters are «moved» to another planet, who will undertake the adaptation of the book and what it means to be a real writer.

More than five years ago when Internet users first became acquainted with astronaut mark Watney, the main character of the novel «the Martian,» which by unhappy coincidence was all alone on the surface of the red planet. Its Creator, American Andy Weir, published by the head of works freely available on its website, and managed to get a decent number of fans. He laid the book on Amazon, immediately hitting the best-seller list, before the traditional publishers have shown interest in him.

To date, the author has released a second book: the action of «Artemis» is set in the distant future on the moon, and the main character becomes a girl who for the fulfillment of your dreams is at serious risk.

Is there life on the moon?

The first novel by Andy Weir was often described as a sci-Fi Robinson Crusoe: astronaut Mark Watney had for a long time to survive alone on Mars. In the best traditions of the genre, the plot wasn’t very dynamic, focusing on the everyday worries and thoughts of the hero. «Artemis» on the contrary, from the first page immerses the reader in a dynamic narrative, the author does not believe that his two works are very different.

«I wouldn’t say that Artemis is very different from «the Martian». Both books are about heroes who decide facing a problem using ingenuity and science. In Artemis I was wondering how to build a colony on the moon. Why do I need it, why would anyone want to live on the moon, how to make the colony self-sufficient, where to get resources that will eat the colonists? When I decided all these questions, I began to think about the story. It was also difficult,» said Weir. He admitted that the plot wasn’t working, and the first two options had to be discarded as weak.

According to the author, he loved the world of Artemis — the name he gave to the only city on the moon, quite a popular tourist destination for earthlings, so in the near future want to move the characters anywhere else. «I plan to stay on the colonization of the moon,» said Weir.

After the release of his debut novel «the Martian,» the writer has repeatedly admitted that he felt the excitement before you publish new work.

«To repeat the success of «the Martian» is almost impossible. I didn’t think so. So the reaction to «Artemis» is fine with me. Of course, it took not as good as «the Martian», but overall not bad. The success of «the Martian» I’ve been spoiled by, it’s time to finally get used to what it means to be a real writer,» said the author.

«Artemis» in the movie

Many readers and viewers learned about the successful debut by Andy Weir, thanks to the Hollywood film adaptation of «the Martian»: the Director’s chair was taken by the Creator of the cult franchise «Alien» and sci-Fi Thriller «blade Runner» by Ridley Scott, and starring role in the film was played by Matt Damon. The film received critical acclaim and was awarded two statuettes of the prestigious award «Golden globe» and the seven nominations for «Oscar».

Artemis will also appear on the big screen: the film adaptation will do the directing Duo of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, creators of the Comedy «Macho and nerdy». Andy Weyer said that in no way will interfere in the shooting, only to wait patiently like the rest of the audience.

«I really hope that Artemis will repeat the success of «the Martian». I like Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and I am looking forward to see what they did. I have no voting rights regarding the selection of the actors, so I can only hope that they will pick the right actress for the role of a girl of Arab origin (main character — ed.)», — explained the author.

However, he appreciated the importance of film adaptations of his works.

«I thought about it, but generally the adaptation is great. They allow my stories to reach millions of people who otherwise never would not have read it. And you would know how much they are pushing the sale of books!» — concluded the author.