In Thailand winter came: the thermometer in Bangkok showed 15 degrees

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Thermometers in the capital of Thailand was shown in the night from Monday to Tuesday 15 degrees Celsius. In the North, according to meteorologists, the night temperature in some mountainous regions fell below zero.

Shorts and warm autumn jacket

Already on Monday evening, when the thermometer showed 20 degrees, barkoczy began to warm up: warm autumn motorcyclists wearing jackets over t-shirts, although many remained in shorts and «flip flops» on his bare feet. The passengers of the car, went in the evening for dinner in restaurants and cafes, wrapped in blankets. In expensive restaurants the staff carried the blankets to the visitors sitting at tables in open areas and halls were almost empty: there was still air conditioned. In cheap street cafes, the visitors clung to the fryers and gas stoves on which food is prepared.

Foreigners, Thai walking in the middle of winter in t-shirts and shorts, and enjoyed the break in the usual for this subtropical metropolis heat and clearly was enjoying the cool gusts of wind. But closer to the night and they began to wear long pants, wool skirts and sweaters.

After ten o’clock in the evening on many streets, often at corners where the Parking of motorbike taxis, the fires burned. All yard dog by this time was dressed in t-shirts and hoodies, carefully tied on her stomach to the edge is not hanging out and getting dirty. Dogs, like people, going where fires were burning.

On Phuket it is cold!
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Morning. 15 degrees

Fifteen degrees Celsius in Bangkok, where the year round temperature ranges between 27 and 38 degrees, occasionally rising to 45 and sometimes higher, 15 degrees is a serious problem. Cold water in the water suddenly gets really cold – usually it is always slightly warm. Air conditioners in houses turn off, but in areas it is still uncomfortable: the exterior walls have cooled and now we are cold in the house where there is no heating.

People going to work early, turn off the air conditioning in their cars, open the window and freeze. Many this morning are dressed in wool suits or winter jackets. Motorcyclists all the polls in the jackets, now most in long pants (many, however, still in «flip flops» on his bare feet), their necks and faces wrapped in scarves. Construction workers traveling to their construction site in a truck, bundled up so that only the eyes visible.

Bonfires on street corners in some places still burning from Parking a motorcycle taxi. Street vendors start displaying collected in the morning portable racks made from steel tubing your product – in this day, many in the sale of sweaters, jackets and scarves. Cold, as weather forecasters speak, set the whole week.

In most of the Bangkok office buildings with Central air conditioning. It can be slightly adjusted, but not completely shut down: often, it also performs the role of the only source of fresh air. Design Windows in high-rise buildings are often not provided to open. Therefore, among the office workers of the Bangkok business centre this Tuesday is very popular sweaters, pullovers and socks.

In many visible on the streets and very rare for Bangkok hats are knitted ski beanie, although sometimes the crowd at Silom, one of the Central streets, a no-no, and will be shown purchased in tours to Russia fur hat with a badge of the armed forces of the USSR.

Despite the cold, in Bangkok starts a new day.

In Thailand came tropical storm Kai tak:

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