Kobzon: no sanctions will never help the Americans

© RIA Novosti / Igor Maslowprice in fotobanka Joseph Kobzon. Archival photoKobzon: no sanctions will never help the Americans© RIA Novosti / Igor Maslowprice the image Bank

People’s artist of the USSR Joseph Kobzon, who spoke Monday evening at a concert in the Kremlin, said that existing US sanctions against Russia «will never help the Americans» and can’t shake his love for the Fatherland.

Octogenarian Kobzon undergoing treatment in a hospital, on Monday evening arrived at the ceremony to award the international prize of St. Andrew Foundation (FAP) «Faith and loyalty» in the State Kremlin Palace and sang a song. Kobzon was one of the winners of the prize FAP this year.

«I am from Donbass, and we have a great expression: «no One has ever put on the knees of the Donbass, and no one put not given.» Here, I would have moved it to our great, beloved in Russia. I am happy that I have lived to see, when our dear President is forced to respect our homeland, and I am more than sure that no sanctions will never help Americans, and will never shake our love for the Fatherland», — said Kobzon.

According to the singer, he is proud to have lived in Russia «all the most difficult years.»

«I’m a war child, I remember the Great Patriotic war firsthand. I remember everything that brought us the Great Patriotic war, I remember our great Soviet people to rebuild their shattered economy. Sorry huge, we stupidly gave that was won by many sacrifices, wars, but Russia is revived before our eyes,» added Kobzon.

In turn, the head of the Board of Trustees of FAP Vladimir Yakunin, speaking at the ceremony, recalled that the United States «among the first included in the sanctions list over the Crimea to Russia.»

«It’s not my merit. Moreover, I have never had a relationship to the development and adoption of relevant political decisions. And I was even outraged. It disgusts me, and I will never accept the fact that I, Russian, and Ukrainian or Russia and Ukraine, trying to convince them that we almost historical enemies. A lie, a lie that never goes away. «They shall not pass» — said Yakunin.