Prison jacket, all inscribed with prayers, will be shown at the exhibition in Moscow

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase in fotobanka, altar cross, a staff of his Holiness Patriarch Tikhon (1917-1925) at the opening of 1917. Code revolution at the Museum of contemporary history of Russia in MoscowPrison jacket, all inscribed with prayers, will be shown at the exhibition in Moscow© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase the image Bank

The exhibition, dedicated to the unknown pages of Russian history of the first half of the twentieth century, spiritual life under persecution and heroism of the martyrs, will open on Wednesday, December 20, in the Main building of St. Tikhon’s Orthodox humanitarian University (pstgu), told RIA Novosti press-service of religious issues.

«Exposition «the Museum of memory of new martyrs and Confessors of Russia» includes rare archival and documentary photographs, personal belongings related to the activities of the clergy of this period, liturgical objects belonging to the period of persecution,» — said in pstgu.

Materials for the exposition were provided by the State archive of the Russian Federation, State archive of contemporary history Russian state archive of socio-political history, the State Museum of Gulag history, the international society «memorial», relatives and private keepers.

«One of the rare and valuable exhibits of our exhibition — small omophorion of his Holiness Patriarch Tikhon, in which he performed service. For years, the omophorion was at the Church historian Mikhail Efimovich gubonina. After the death of Mikhail Yefimovich mantle was kept by his Holiness Patriarch Alexy II. Then the relic was transferred to the pühtitsa Dormition convent», — said the organizer of the exhibition of the Museum, an employee of pstgu deacon Dimitri Fangs.

According to him, the international society «memorial» provided for the display of objects connected with the camp life.

«Among them have absolutely unique exhibit of the jacket, sewn in the conclusion. It is all inscribed with prayers, that is, the lining of jackets — a complete prayer book. Apparently need further study of the layers of fabric to represent what it was work, what was the faith of this man who wore the jacket in such terrible times of crisis», — said the employee of the University.

In the Museum there is also a collection of ecclesiastical vessels, which were used in the secret worship in times of persecution and, as a rule, consists of a handmade object.

«For example, there is a chalice made of lead and Zvezdica, made of tin. In that period it was impossible to openly conduct services. Vessels in large numbers were removed and melted, so all of this was extremely dangerous,» said deacon Dimitri Fangs.

The Museum of memory of new martyrs and Confessors of Russia it is planned to develop and Fund new exhibits, said in pstgu. The Museum exposition created at the grant of the President of the Russian Federation on development of civil society provided by the presidential grants, will be open on a permanent basis.