Readers of the Western media responded to the Pentagon’s program for the study of UFOs

© Flickr / Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of StaffВоенные US at the Pentagon. Archival photoReaders of the Western media responded to the Pentagon’s program for the study of UFOs© Flickr / Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

The Pentagon at the direction of the U.S. Congress engaged in a special program devoted to the study of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), reported Politico, citing a number of sources.

The program, entitled «Expanded programme of identification of aviation threats» from 2007 to 2012 spent about $ 20 million.

The news caused an active discussion among the audience of the Daily Mail. Some readers recalled the recent failures of the us military.

«Could «a multimillion-dollar program of the Pentagon to search for unidentified objects» to help the ships of the US Navy to begin to see the merchant ships of 100 metres from them? It seems that now they do not do,» wrote the user FB Eye, referring to the recent collision of U.S. Navy ships with other ships.

Other readers users remembered their stories associated with UFOs. «God knows we have seen this in 80’s. White ripple triangle swept over us with great speed, and then stood rooted to the spot. Many years later I met on the Internet testimonies of people about this incident», — shared his story of racehorse.

«My father told me, many years ago, he stood on the balcony and noticed in the sky an object that has accelerated incredibly quickly. After 30 seconds he saw that the object being chased by fighter British Royal air force,» — said the Spartan-097.

Later, the military released a video in which American military conduct surveillance of an unidentified flying object. On the record, the visible rotating object hovering at a height of 24 kilometres above the earth.

Many users were skeptical of this news. «Why all the videos with the «UFO» of such poor quality? Was hoping to see higher-quality video from F-18, which cost more than one million dollars,» wrote no opinion.

«Because the video was published by the government. You really think they want to show, how all was actually? They probably have significantly edited this footage» — responds to him johnolfc24.

Some commentators could not resist the joke. «Sure, it was my ex-wife on the broom» — ironiziruet Nulli Secundus.

Traditionally, there were those who suspected the incident the Russian track. «There are two frightening possibilities: 1. It’s a UFO from outer space. 2. This is an incredibly advanced military aircraft, almost certainly Russian. The Russian already have supersonic missiles that are too fast to be shot down,» says Thisday.