«Repeated again and again». Where in the regions of the lost preferential insulin

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Diabetes mellitus is one of the most popular diseases in the world. Today it affects 8.5 percent of people. Russia — the four countries in the number susceptible to the disease. Some diabetics have to take insulin: if time did not enter, there is a big risk to die. However, in different regions of Russia there is a systemic problem with the issuance of free insulin. Why there are shortages of drug supply in the material RIA Novosti.

For each other

Natalia Zheleznova of the Ulyanovsk region raising a child with diabetes. In the field she’s not alone — about 200 children with the same diagnosis require regular insulin injections. According to Natalia, many do not get free vital medicine for two months now.

«In the MHC region saying that we should not wait until the beginning of next year — not auction. Without insulin, our children can not live, so you have to raise funds. The majority of mothers receive an allowance for child care and sit at home without work, because children can not leave. A payment — only 5.5 thousand rubles», — says Natalia experiences.

She explains that before the problems with the issuance of the insulin was not, but the test strips to measure blood sugar levels and supplies for insulin pumps are not given punctually.

In the Ulyanovsk region live 43,1 thousands of patients with diabetes, of which 10.4 thousand people are in need of the drug. Representatives of the regional Ministry of health and Ministry of Finance about the stalemate know and soon plan to allocate additional money to provide residents with vital medicines. They will buy at the expense of redistribution of funds. About 36% will be allocated just for the purchase of insulin. We are working on contract.

A fight to the death

Insulin-dependent are forced to fight for their rights by submitting complaints to various instances. Tatyana Soloveva from the Ryazan region was diagnosed in 2011, she recalls, the first three years received insulin intermittently. According to her, diabetics should be secured and supplies and the means of self-control, and needles, and syringe-pens. The absence of all this, she believes, is a violation of the constitutional right to the preservation of health.

«Even in pregnancy I was not given insulin. I barely handed in is critical for me and fruit for two days in the end still found the drugs in inventory at the main endocrinologist of the city», — says Tatiana.

According to her, test strips and needles were not issued at all. In three years never. «And self-monitoring with blood glucose meter and test strips diabetes is a necessary condition for life. It is not possible without compensation, because blood glucose is an extremely dynamic record, it can change minute-by-minute, fluctuations in day can be tens of millimol», — says Tatiana Solovieva.

According to Pustovoi, disruption of insulin began in Russia from September 2017. This was influenced by several factors. First: the regional authorities very late conduct tenders and make mistakes in the delivery system — both technical and caused by the human factor.

«In the Novosibirsk region, for example, the health Ministry has already conducted an audit. It turned out that the stock of insulin is almost three months, but patients still complain. All because the drug purchased on the international categories there are several types of insulin, they differ in speed of action, she explains. — At carrying out of tenders is not known beforehand, what pharmaceutical company will purchase the drug in each «category». A patient accustomed to a particular insulin trade name and refuses to get another, although, in fact, it’s the same drug».

«We have no long-term and stable support for the patients, especially in the regions. Insulin prescribed for a month, then it can be replaced by analogues. It repeats again and again. It is unclear how to work with it. Some experts say that the analogs may be used interchangeably, others say no. But definitely something to take into account the interests of the patient if, for example, his body reacts badly to a new drug,» explains Gustov.

There is a third factor which, she believes, affects delays in insulin: people are to blame.

«Let’s be real. We must not only demand, but also have responsibilities. The problem is that public organizations available in the regions needs not just the crowd to go and earn their respect at the expense of system solutions to work with physicians in one key. While the society of patients with diabetes cannot join the efforts, patients are fighting for their rights alone,» sums up Gustov.

Little tricks

The system of delivery of insulin is already being discussed at different levels. So, the presidential representative in the Siberian Federal district Sergei Menyailo said yesterday that prescriptions for the drug have to write in the clinics are not one, but several days not to have formed a queue.

A resident of the city of Saransk Sergey Pronkin in November went to receive test strips for their glucose meter. The pharmacist warned him that stripes for his device is not available, but there is for «Japanese».

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura in photobacteria kiosk in the Tara Central district hospital«Repeated again and again». Where in the regions of the lost preferential insulin© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura in photobacteria kiosk in the Tara Central district hospital

«The pharmacist suggested to take what we have, and swap them from other diabetics on the ones I needed. But it later emerged that the Ministry of health has purchased the same for all strips, the meter, which was removed from production. Thus, the strips lie. Shelf life they have until April of 2018» — describes the situation of man.

According to him, insulin is often delayed at the end of the year, this diabetics are already used to: «it Comes to the fact that people start to save — once again not to eat so that blood sugar does not rise. However, if you do not eat properly, no strength remains. Go to the doctor and sit in the queue of «zombies» waiting for reception».