SEO Agency Project33 expands services for small and medium business of the Russian Federation

© Fotolia / Picture-FactoryПереговоры. Archival photoSEO Agency Project33 expands services for small and medium business of the Russian Federation© Fotolia / Picture-Factory

SEO (search engines optimization promotion in search networks) company Project33, dedicated to the promotion of commercial sites in the European segment of the Internet, expands the range of services for entrepreneurs and site owners from Russia. The purpose of the initiative is to attract new customers, as well as providing opportunities for expansion of the European market of small and medium business of Russia.

Website promotion in Germany and Western Europe as a whole has its own characteristics, so if the representatives of small and average business of Russia want to gain a foothold in the online market in the EU, they need professional help of SEO specialists in this field and directly involved in the promotion of sites in Europe.

Now entrepreneurs from Russia who want to find regular customers in Germany and Europe can order website promotion in Google search engine for these regions. Effective promotion of sites on the first positions of search results this system will enable us to attract the most relevant audience and increase the profitability of business projects. The cost and timing of promotion will depend on the subjects of business, number of queries, and their degree of competitiveness.

Also Project33 focus on the services of contextual advertising, which is now available to users from Russia. The Agency’s experts be engaged in the setting up, launch and maintenance of advertising companies in the regions of Europe, increasing returns and properly planning individual budgets clients. Unlike SEO, the results of which are stretched over time, contextual advertising allows to attract the target audience almost immediately after setting up.

In the Arsenal of specialists Project33 has the necessary tools and skills for competent remarketing, which is a great tool for return visitors to the site with the aim of increasing orders and increase sales.

Project33® SEO Service Agentur (Проджект33 Agency SEO services) is a German company that provides services for Russian businessmen, engaged in complex promotion of sites and setting up online advertising to increase the profitability of commercial projects. The company is included in the list of the 100 best SEO agencies in Germany 2017 (according


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