Slovenian Prime Minister has threatened Croatia with the court over a dispute about the border

© Fotolia / kastoПанорама Ljubljana, Slovenia. Archival photoSlovenian Prime Minister has threatened Croatia with the court over a dispute about the border© Fotolia / kasto

The Prime Minister of Slovenia Miro cerar announced Croatian counterpart Andrei Plenkovich on Tuesday in Zagreb, Ljubljana is considering a lawsuit against Zagreb in the case of non-Croats of the international arbitration decision about the border line between the republics.

The meeting of the Prime Ministers of neighboring countries in the Croatian capital was a new attempt of the parties to negotiate directly on the border dispute at such a high level after a long time.

International arbitration in the Hague in late June issued a decision on the disputed border of the two countries on land and on water. In particular, Slovenia gained the right of passage to international waters through the Croatian territorial waters in the Adriatic sea, and three-quarters of the area of the Piran Bay. Croatia does not accept this decision, since earlier walked out of the arbitration agreement. The two countries agreed to solve the dispute through arbitration in 2009, but in 2015, Zagreb came out of it, saying that the court compromised by disclosure of classified information.

«The idea is to try to agree on a Protocol consisting of several elements. One would treat the land border, the other to the sea, and the third to the navigation mode. Fourth – the formation of a special Commission. The fifth is the way to ensure that when such an agreement is created, it is brought before the parliaments of the two countries», — said the head of the government of Croatia. It has been broadcast on the website of the national television HRT.

«For me they are inseparable. From Croatia, as I understand it, offers a different look on the marine and land parts. We believe that the decision can only be so, as stated in the verdict,» said the Slovenian Prime Minister.

«We are exploring the possibility of legal action if Croatia will not abide by the decision (in international arbitration ed.) It depends on the behavior of Croatia», stressed Cerar.

Then, the two sides recognized the opposite positions of Ljubljana and Zagreb and noted the need to continue the dialogue.

According to the verdict of the International court of arbitration in the Hague, his decision shall start to run neighboring States not later than December 29. It involves the preparation of the documentary base, and then the real distinction between water and land.