The exhibition «Miracles and miracle workers» opens in the Museum of religion in Moscow

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Pathiterator in photobacteria the icon of the miraculous image of the Saviour of MercyThe exhibition «Miracles and miracle workers» opens in the Museum of religion in Moscow© RIA Novosti / Sergey Pathiterator the image Bank

The exhibition «Miracles and miracle workers», which tells about the phenomenon of the miracle in Judeo-Christian tradition and related events and people, starting on Tuesday at the State Museum of the history of religion.

According to the press service of the Museum, the exhibition will feature more than 150 exhibits from the Museum funds. «One of the characters of the exhibition is revered among Christians throughout the world as the Wonderworker St. Nicholas, whose memory day in the Russian Orthodox Church also falls on the 19th of December», — stated in the message.

As pointed out by the organizers, the doctrine of the miracle occupies an important place in the Christian creed. Just as in Judaism and Islam, it is perceived «as a manifestation and testimony of omnipotence and truth of the one God». The exhibition consists of three main sections. The items in the first section illustrate the narrative about the miracles in the old and New Testament.

«The most striking exhibit of this section is exhibited for the first time Christmas factory in Paris, Charles Pillet, made in the XIX-XX centuries and brought to St. Petersburg for one of the temples. The Nativity scene is the figure of the infant Christ in the manger, Mary and Joseph, as well as mute witnesses of the miracles of Christmas – the ox and the donkey. In the same section of the exhibition will attract the attention of visitors exhibited for the first time a list of an unknown artist from the Holy Face of San Silvestro in Drip in Rome (Italy, XVII century, oil on canvas), considered the earliest list with the miraculous image of Christ, according to tradition, transmitted by Jesus himself to king Abgar of Edessa V», — told in the Museum.

The second section of the exhibition devoted to the miracles and miracle workers, only revered in the Orthodox tradition. First of all, we are talking about miracle-working icons. «A special place in this section is the icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. The exhibition also exhibited for the first time the icon «the Dormition of the Mother of God» Kiev-Pechersk Lavra with vignettes, which depict scenes from the Kiev-Pechersk Patericon» — said in a press release.

The third section of the exhibition covers the exhibits related to the cult of miracles in the Catholic religion. «The most interesting items in this section are exhibited for the first time brass table lamp and clock with a sculptural composition «a vision of the virgin Mary of Lourdes Bernadette Soubirous» (France, first third of the twentieth century)», — told in the Museum.