The Ministry of culture was asked to leave in force the verdict on the «case of the restorers»

© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova in fotobabble Deputy Minister of culture of Russia Grigory Pirumov. Archival photoThe Ministry of culture was asked to leave in force the verdict on the «case of the restorers»© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova the image Bank

The representative of the Ministry of culture asks to leave in force the verdict to the former Deputy Minister Grigory Pirumova in the «case of restorers», the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom.

Earlier Dorogomilovsky court of Moscow sentenced Pirumov to 1.5 years of colony of General regime, and then released him, as the appointed term of imprisonment the former Deputy Minister has already spent in jail. On Tuesday the Moscow city court checks sentence Pirumova and the other defendants in the «case of restorers». The Moscow city court considers the Prosecutor’s request, which requires a tougher sentence Pirumova to five years of imprisonment.

«I think the sentence is lawful and justified. Please leave a sentence without change, the appellate public Prosecutor without satisfaction», — said the representative of the Ministry in Moscow city court.

According to investigators, more than 100 million rubles were stolen during the restoration of Novodevichy convent in Moscow Museum of cosmonautics in Kaluga, Ioanno-Predtechensky Cathedral, drama theatre in Pskov, Izborsk fortress and fortress in Kaliningrad. Total in the case are eight ex-officials and businessmen, Pirumov, a key person involved. All were released in October: five court appointed exactly to the time they spent in custody during preliminary investigation, three more received suspended sentences.