The REC is ready to offer Saudi Arabia the Russian IT-products

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Unliterate in fotobounce of Riyadh city — the capital of Saudi Arabia. Archival photoThe REC is ready to offer Saudi Arabia the Russian IT-products© RIA Novosti / Alexander Unliterate the image Bank

Products of Russian IT-companies can be in demand in Saudi Arabia, the Russian export centre (REC) is ready to offer the partners from the Kingdom, told RIA Novosti Director of international trade promotion group REC Mikhail Mamonov.

Yesterday in Riyadh hosted a business mission of Russian agricultural companies. A number of business trips from Russia is planned for early 2018.

Currently, relations between the two countries are actively developing. In many respects it became possible thanks to the visit of the king of Saudi Arabia to Moscow in October of this year. 2 November in Riyadh held a bilateral intergovernmental Commission and a business mission, in which countries agreed to develop a whole range of areas — from agriculture to innovation.

«Russian companies in the sphere of critical infrastructure, security, airports, energy conservation there is an interesting solution. Maybe they’re not as cute as Microsoft, but they are very durable, with a good core, and they are not cybernetic undermine the country’s sovereignty,» said Mamonov.

He explained that Russia «gives the source code that allows our partners products to modify».

«In IT I foresee great potential for cooperation with Saudi Arabia,» said Mamonov, adding that these products can be offered in one of the upcoming business missions to the country.