The Russian Bank was first attacked through the international SWIFT system

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Traveloperator in photobackgrounds attack. Archival photoThe Russian Bank was first attacked through the international SWIFT system© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Traveloperator the image Bank

For the first time in Russia carried out a successful attack on the Bank with a withdrawal of funds through the international interbank system of transferring financial information and make payments SWIFT, the newspaper «Kommersant».

The cyber attack was recorded on December 15, reported the publication of the information security specialists and confirmed to the Central Bank. Before that hackers have not used SWIFT in Russia. The name of the Bank and the amount of damage not disclosed.

As reported by the newspaper in the company to prevent and investigate cybercrime Group-IB, the attack involved the grouping of Cobalt. The penetration of the Bank occurred through malware that was distributed by the group a few weeks ago on the banks, which is typical for Cobalt. The average interval from penetration to withdrawal is three to four weeks, the average amount of theft of 100 million rubles.

FinCERT, a structural unit of the Central Bank on information security, in its report called the Cobalt group the main threat to credit institutions. According to Group-IB, the account group is not less than 50 successful attacks on banks around the world. It is now known on more than ten successful attacks in Russia, each of which ended in the theft of funds in especially large size, said the Central Bank.

SWIFT refused to comment on the paper «individual customers», but stressed that very serious about cybersecurity and learn all the threats, by taking all appropriate measures. There is no evidence that there had been any unauthorized access to the SWIFT networks or messaging services, the company said.

As explained by the publication of the Deputy chief of the main Directorate of security and information protection of the Central Bank Artem Sychev, the contamination of the Bank, the attackers effectively took control of it, that is, could withdraw funds by any method. According to him, probably SWIFT was chosen only because it was interesting withdrawal abroad, in Europe, Asia, America. Thus, according to the newspaper, shortly before the attacks, the Bank underwent the test of the Central Bank, and he had filed certain claims on the level of information security recommendations.