In Belarus, spoke about the case of the accused in espionage Ukrainian

© RIA Novosti / Ruslan to Krivobokova in fotobanka of Victory in Minsk. Archival photoIn Belarus, spoke about the case of the accused in espionage Ukrainian© RIA Novosti / Ruslan to Krivobokova the image Bank

The criminal case against the accused Belarus of espionage of Ukrainian Pavel Sharoika is at the final stage, said the Chairman of the KGB of the Republic Valery Vakulchik.

Previously, the Belarusian KGB has confirmed the arrest of Sharoika and charged with espionage and the creation in Belarus of a secret network. In this case the employee of the Ukrainian Embassy in Minsk Igor Skvortsov was declared persona non grata in Belarus for «incompatible with diplomatic status activities». In response, Kiev sent the Belarusian diplomat.

«Now the criminal case against Sharoika is at the final stage, as to the time of his arrest had already been collected comprehensive evidence base, and most of his detention were of a purely technical character», — Vakulchyk said in an interview to «SB. Belarus today». The text of the interview published on the newspaper’s website.

He stated that he does not consider it right to pay so much attention example Sharoika. «He’s just one of ten unmasked over the past five years, foreign scouts. We commend these facts to the public, realizing that it is not conducive to good relations between the two countries. In this case, the initiative the announcement of the incident came, as you know, not from us,» said Vakulchik.

The KGB chief emphasized that «the question of the circumstances of the case Sharoika the most complete answer already gave the detainee who admitted his guilt.» «Everyone interested could see it in person on TV. I believe that in the light of work on these materials, the KGB already has been made public more than enough information about how interested foreign intelligence issues, and the results of the investigation,» he added.