In Catalonia, ended the campaign for the early elections to the regional Parliament

© RIA Novosti / Javier to Longobardi in fotobabble. Archival photoIn Catalonia, ended the campaign for the early elections to the regional Parliament© RIA Novosti / Javier to Logopedisti the image Bank

At midnight local time (2.00 GMT) in Barcelona ended the campaign began a day of silence, the correspondent of RIA Novosti. Elections will be held on Thursday, December 21.

In addition, on 20 and 21 December announced weekend in many institutions of Catalonia — schools, kindergartens and administrative offices.

At the same time, the correspondent of RIA Novosti, despite the day of silence, on the streets of Barcelona continues campaigning. In particular, just a few hours before the end of the campaign on the famous Las Ramblas were posters of the coalition «Together for Catalonia» the former head of the region Carles Pokdemon with the slogan «Putteman — our President».

According to the results held in Catalonia on 1 October referendum, the Catalan Parliament on 27 October adopted a resolution on independence. The Madrid opposed the referendum — even before election day the constitutional court of Spain recognized it illegal. An hour later, after independence, the Spanish Senate approved the introduction of direct control of the Spanish authorities in Catalonia. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced the suspension from office of members of the government of the Autonomous community, including the head of the Carles Pokdemon, and the dissolution of Parliament.

In relation to 20 Catalan politicians were criminal cases, four of them were arrested, including the former Deputy head of Catalonia’s Oriol Junqueras. In relation Pokdemon and four former members of the government, fled to Brussels, issued a national arrest warrant. On December 21, Madrid, called for early elections to the Parliament of Catalonia.

For seats in the Parliament of Catalonia are seven main political forces. Three of them are supporters of the independence of the region, four supporters of preserving the Catalan part of Spain.

To supporters of independence include the block «Together for Catalonia» the former head of the government of Catalonia Carles Pokdemon (now hidden from Madrid to Belgium), the party of «Republican Left of Catalonia» the former Deputy head of Generalitat Catalonia Oriola of Junkers (in custody in Madrid) and the extremely left «the Candidacy of national unity». For the territorial integrity of Spain are the popular party (a»branch» of the ruling Spanish party), the centrist party of «Citizens» and the Catalan socialist party. In addition, a strong position in the region is Catalunya en Marta, the local representation of the party Podemos (Podemos). They also support the territorial integrity of Spain, but agree on a legal referendum agreed with Madrid.

The intrigue is that, according to opinion polls, each of the two forces can only count half of the votes, and hence will not be able to form a majority in Parliament and the government of the region.

In Catalonia, ended the campaign for the early elections to the regional ParliamentThe confrontation between Madrid and Barcelona