In Istanbul, new year celebrations canceled due to terrorist threats

© AP Photo / Osman OrsalСотрудник police with a service dog at a metro station in Istanbul, Turkey. Archival photoIn Istanbul, new year celebrations canceled due to terrorist threats© AP Photo / Osman Orsal

The administration of the municipality of Istanbul has cancelled New Year celebrations in the Central Taksim square, tourist Istiklal street because of the threat of terrorist attack, said the head of the security Department of the municipality of beyoğlu Ismail Kilic on Wednesday.

«Security measures in new year’s eve will be increased to the highest level in two times in comparison with previous years. In order for citizens to feel safe, no public celebrations will not be. Will be banned mass gathering of people. Such measures will be taken in the area of Istiklal street, in Taksim square and other Central areas of the city», — quotes Kalyca Agency DHA.

On the night of 1 January in Istanbul was an attack on a night club Reina. Armed with a gun, the terrorist shot the policeman guarding the club, burst into the room, where there were more than 700 people and opened fire on them. According to the Ministry, 39 people died, 69 were injured. Responsibility for the attack claimed by the terrorist group ISIS*. The perpetrators of terrorist acts, a native of Uzbekistan Abdulkadir Masharipov, was detained on January 16 in the course of the antiterrorist operation in the area Esenyurt in Istanbul.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia.