In the Irkutsk region raised from the water the tail section of the helicopter drowned

© Photo courtesy of MOE Russiamoscow-rescue work at the crash site of a private helicopter AS-350 in the village of the Brotherly area CleanIn the Irkutsk region raised from the water the tail section of the helicopter drowned© Photo courtesy of EMERCOM of Russia

The rescuers lifted from the water a large piece of the tail section crashed in the Hangar of a helicopter, the search was on Board during the accident the passenger has been temporarily suspended, reported RIA Novosti the representative of the press service of EMERCOM of the region, Yevgeny Shchukin.

Private helicopter Eurocopter AR-350, which was carrying two persons, flew to the seventh of December from Bratsk to Clean the village and after a while stopped communicating. From recent posts it is known that the aircraft commander decided on an emergency landing on the ice of the Angara river.

As a result of search and rescue operations on 11 December, the wreckage of the aircraft was discovered 3.5 kilometers from the village Clean the river ice. With the help of submersibles Falcon under water, was found the body of the helicopter with the body of the pilot and raised to the surface. The body of the pilot is directed on is judicial-medical examination, the search of the passenger continued.

«Search for the passengers of the helicopter is suspended on the surface raised a large piece of the tail section of the helicopter crash site investigators and representatives of the IAC,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

In fact incidents of the East Siberian investigative management on transport SK the Russian Federation criminal case, the investigation also conducts the interstate aviation Committee. On Board the fallen helicopter except the pilot was a businessman Egor Banschikov.

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