Putin presented 35 volumes of the Great Russian encyclopedia

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Russian President Vladimir Putin presented in the Kremlin, the Great Russian encyclopedia, the decree which he signed in 2002.

«So, your instructions are fully implemented and Russia has a unique scientific encyclopedia», — said the President of RAS academician, Chairman of the scientific editorial Board on the publication of the Great Russian encyclopedia, Yuri Osipov.

According to him, the work attracted several hundred writers in the volumes of the encyclopedia — more than 80 thousand articles. The knowledge presented in the encyclopedia universal. It covers the world and all phenomena in it.

«Not every state on the shoulder in the state language to create an encyclopedia. Creating such an encyclopedia, we still have their rightful place in the elite club unique, universal encyclopedia,» — said Osipov.

According to him, the other two created in the UK and the collaborative work of German and Swedish scientists. «The results show that all have a huge intellectual potential», — said Osipov.

Executive editor, JSC «Publishing house «Great Russian encyclopedia» Sergei Kravets said that created a complete electronic version of the encyclopedia. In addition, now is to develop a comprehensive national encyclopedic portal, which will include articles from the Great Russian encyclopedia, and encyclopedias of the industry, and will have collected reliable information from museums, institutions and universities.

In this regard, Kravets asked the President to facilitate this work: in the course of the meeting the President was handed a letter with relevant proposals. «Help,» — said Putin.