The Holy place is empty: critics not surprised, «transition twist of fate»

© Photo : Mosfilm (1975)Actress Olga Naumenko in the film of Eldar Ryazanov’s Irony of fate or with light steam!The Holy place is empty: critics not surprised, «transition twist of fate»© Photo : Mosfilm (1975)

There is nothing wrong with the postponement of the screening of the cult Soviet Comedy «Irony of fate or With light steam» the First channel «Russia 1» in the New year’s eve, because the audience will see the movie anyway, I’m sure film critic Timur Aliyev. Film critic Kirill Razlogov, in turn, believes such a transition is a symptom of the fact that the film leaves the «Holy place».

The news that the «Irony of fate…», which has already become an essential attribute of new year’s eve television broadcast, December 31 is shown not on the First channel and «Russia 1», stirred the Russians is not a joke. In a press-service of the TV channels the situation is explained by the rotation of rights to the «Golden Fund» of course: according to representatives, this year the First channel has appeared the rights to the film «Ivan Vasilyevich changes a profession» and «prisoner of the Caucasus», which last year was shown on «Russia 1».

What is the evening without the traditional New year on the street of Builders, and is talking about moving the cult melodrama from one channel to another, told RIA Novosti interviewed experts.

«Perhaps this is the first bell to ensure that such small deviations formed a new view: from the past to the present. This year, for example, has revised its policy on «Blue light» — staged an open vote for who the audience really want to see in the air, and now moved «Ironically». I think that it’s not as bad as everyone says. First, the movie will still show, and secondly, we live in the present», — said film critic Timur Aliyev.

According to him, many modern paintings are a celebration of achievements of the past, like in the cultural environment have no understanding of what «great things you can do right now.»

«But replace the «Irony» of this movie is probably nothing,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

Film critic Kirill Razlogov called the attempts of other films to compete with the classic «Irony of fate» unsuccessful: in his opinion, the location of this picture was trying to take the franchise «Yolki», which, however, now does not leave attempts. Overall, the appearance of another equally iconic film is quite difficult to predict. In the transfer of «twist of fate» from one channel to another film critic saw nothing sensational.

«The essential value it has, since the scope of the audience that «Russia 1″, the First channel is approximately the same throughout the country. Special sensation in this I see, but it can be seen as a symptom of the fact that the picture comes out of the Holy place. Especially because this place is a lot of competition», — concluded the Razlogov.