The male giant anteater has moved to Kaliningrad from the Prague zoo

© Photo courtesy of Kaliningrad zooarchaeology a giant anteater Lecturer moved from Prague zoo in KaliningradThe male giant anteater has moved to Kaliningrad from the Prague zoo© photo courtesy of Kaliningrad zoo

The only Russian giant anteater Lecturer moved from Prague zoo in Kaliningrad, reported the press Secretary of the Kaliningrad zoo Ekaterina Mikhailova.

«A male named Lecturer, having been in transit for almost a day, arrived today in Kaliningrad from the Prague zoo road. Lecturer born in Prague January 20, 2016 from the female named Ella and a male named Hannibal. Giant anteater the zoo received under the program for preservation and reproduction of this species (EEP) of the European Association of zoos and aquariums (EAZA),» — said Mikhailov.

According to her, the decision to transfer the animal to Kaliningrad took program coordinator Ilona Shappert from Dortmund zoo (Germany) – chief specialist of Europe for the anteaters. Shappert got acquainted with drawings, diagrams and photographs of the enclosure for the anteaters built in the Kaliningrad zoo.

«We claimed to receive a single animal, but because the conditions in Kaliningrad zoo are suitable for keeping a pair of anteaters, decided that the young female will bring to Kaliningrad in the spring of 2018 from the Danish natural Park Jesperhus,» — said Mikhailov.

Enclosure for the anteaters built in 2016 on the recommendation and the project of toarchitectural from the Netherlands Erica van Vliet. The pavilion had electricity, hot water and heating, did minor repairs and put in viewing Windows. The area surrounding the street of the enclosure is about 600 square meters. Now Kaliningrad zoo is the only one in Russia, where these animals are.

Food of anteaters in the Kaliningrad zoo maximally closer to that which they received before the move. The diet will consist of 26 ingredients: a few types of dry dog food, bananas, apples, fish dried vitamin food, natural yoghurt, fresh tomatoes, oatmeal, boiled eggs, lean beef tenderloin, honey, sifted peat, vitamin and mineral supplements. Of these products will prepare liquid mass.

The giant anteater lives in South America. Its body length from tip of nose to tip of tail is about 2.3 meters, weight up to 40 pounds. These animals have no teeth, they lead a terrestrial life. On the front paws with four fingers, each of which ends in an acute (10 centimeters) claws. With their help, the anteater gets food, digging termite mounds and protected. Aardvark is listed in the International Red book as vulnerable species.