The Senate Committee rejected introduced by the trump candidacy for the presidency of the U.S. Eximbank

© AP Photo / Jacquelyn MartinСотрудник in the building of the U.S. Senate on Capitol hill in WashingtonThe Senate Committee rejected introduced by the trump candidacy for the presidency of the U.S. Eximbank© AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin

The banking Committee of the U.S. Senate has rejected the candidacy of Scott Garrett, who is President of Donald trump has nominated to head the Export-import Bank of the United States, according to the results of the vote.

Against the candidacy of Garrett voted for 13 senators, including two Republicans, 10.

The export-import Bank of the United States provides to foreign buyers of American goods, the guarantee for the loans. Its activities are aimed at reducing the U.S. trade deficit. Particularly useful are the Bank to the buyers of expensive American equipment, such as planes and cars. In developing countries it is difficult to obtain a Bank loan for such purchases without the American guarantee.

Among Republicans there is no unity on the question whether all such institutions. In 2015, the Republicans in Congress temporarily blocked the activity of the Bank by denying him funding.

The President of the United States Donald trump is also known ambiguous relation to the Bank. Initially, he criticized it as an institution, handing out incentives to large corporations at the expense of the budget. However, in common this week of the national security strategy of the US stresses support for trade with financial instruments at the disposal of the US authorities. The key instrument of this kind is the Export-import Bank.

In the Bank claim that in its portfolio have got a lot of projects for $ 42 billion.

Garrett in the past was known as a critic of the Export-import Bank, as a member of the house of representatives, he twice voted against extending the powers of enterprises. His assurances that he’s changed his mind about the establishment, did not find support of majority of senators in Committee.

Press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders said that the administration are disappointed by this decision of the Senate. She added that further steps will be determined in collaboration with the Committee.